Small Groups

Christian Life Is Community

Group Life is Essential to Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Happens in Small Circles

Not In Long Pews or Rows

While thousands came and went to hear Him teach and preach, Jesus gathered twelve men around him. And for three years, He poured Himself into them in order to transform into disciple-making disciples. The first-century church exploded across the Roman world as a result of faithful men and women investing themselves into new converts to make them into disciples. We use this same plan today to multiply disciples.

Find A Group

When groups get together, The purpose to train one another in Christ-likeness through Bible study and discussion, and to live life together in Christ. Groups come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Some groups meet on Sunday mornings, others meet during the week at various times. Some groups are ongoing and open to anyone who wants to join. Others meet for a few weeks to focus on a particular aspect of the Christian life. Some groups meet in the church buildings, and others meet in homes, lunch rooms, or coffee shops. If you can’t find a group that meets your needs, why not start a group and invite someone you know who is searching for life answers!

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