Did you know that most of Troup County residents do not attend worship regularly? But 80% of all people say that they are likely to attend worship if someone would just invite them!

Did you know that only 2% of regular worship attenders ever invite someone to worship?

Our church is working with other Georgia Baptist churches to insure that as many people as possible are invited to attend worship on Easter Sunday this year. Between now and Easter Sunday, April 16, we are asking all church members and attenders to invite people to worship with us on Easter Sunday. We are promoting this effort to the community as “Start Your New Beginning.”

Over the next few weeks, you will see publicity in our community like the banner above. As part of our plan, we will saturate our community with this image to help reinforce your initiative to invite others to worship.

Here’s The Plan

Start praying right now for people you know. We are using Pray4EveryHome. You can use this amazing tool to pray for every person in your neighborhood by name! Over the next few weeks, will you invite some of your friends to pray with you for your neighborhood. You can meet in your home or do a prayer walk around your neighborhood.

Soon, we will be distributing invitation cards in worship. We want you to take these cards and invite your neighbors, friends, associates, and even strangers.

We are praying that Easter Sunday will be a large attendance day–larger than any we’ve seen! If we all do our part in prayer and inviting, we will see our church house full and overflowing. What a wonderful day of praise that will be! We will need extra volunteers to help in our parking lots, in our Welcome Centers, and in other ways.

Follow Up!
When new people come, we do not want them to leave empty-handed. We will give each one a copy of After Easter, a Bible study to help them understand God’s plan of salvation. We will need volunteers to help contact these new people that God will bring us. We will need to create new Sunday School classes and Small Groups to lead these new people to a growing relationship with Christ.