Let Them Eat Chocolate!

Ladies Night
Saturday – February 13

Speaker: Sandy Cook
Worship: Jennifer Farris

Marriage Conference*

Mingling of Souls Conference
With Matt & Lauren Chandler
February 19-20

*Not just for married people!

Topics Include: Romance, Fighting Fair, Sex, Friendship, Legacy


It’s a New Year. Maybe you’ve made some resolutions and identified some things you’d like to change in 2016. Perhaps you’ve set some achievement goals in your career or personal life. But think about it. For the Christian, it’s Jesus Christ who defines our identity. The Bible says that we are a new creation, specially and uniquely made by the hands of God! Wow! Come study God’s Word and worship with us to discover the unique way God has made you so that He can define some real goals in your life–goals with eternal impact.

First Baptist Church is not just an organization, but a group of Christ-followers who are committed to His purpose. We are His light in this dark world. We are His people on His mission. And we would love for you to join us in that mission. So, now that you are thinking about something new, why not discover — or rediscover — what the Christ life is really all about?

Walking into a church for the first time isn’t always easy. Don’t worry. We try to make you feel at home so that your worship experience exceeds your expectation.

Beginning in our parking areas on Sunday mornings, our hospitality team is there to help you find the worship service or Bible study group you are looking for. They will guide you to the closest Welcome Center.

Once inside, a member of our Hospitality Team will help you locate the service or event you are looking for. We will also show you our Preschool and Children’s areas to set your mind at ease, knowing where your children will be and who is caring for them.

Meet Our Pastor

I want to give you a personal invitation to worship with us this Sunday! The First Baptist Family is a caring body of people who believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, the Savior of the world. We are connected through our common faith to share God’s Good News with our community and with our world. Our cause is to penetrate our community with the Good News and lead people to worship the God of the universe. We welcome to join us in our mission and be a part of sharing Christ’s love with LaGrange, Troup County, and the whole world.

-Pastor Cade


Next Steps

Faith in Jesus is the starting point on an amazing journey. It’s up to you to take the next step in this journey, and we want to help. Here are some options you can do next to move into your full potential in life.

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